VIPKID Essential Prop List

What levels do I teach?

Hello! My name is Teacher Taylor! How are you? I’m excited to share some valuable information with you. I have been with VIPKID for less than a year, but have taught my fair share of classes. I am certified in trial classes, level 1, level 2, and level 3. My personality fits well with the little ones, so I do not plan on getting certified beyond my level 3 kiddos!

I absolutely love the levels I teach and the group of students I have the honor of interacting with!


Each level consists of a total of 12 units the students move through. They take a placement test to determine where they should start based on their language proficiency. From there, they move along in the unit fluidly.

Level 1 (Pre-VIP): Beginner, ages 4-6 at this level

They mostly learn TPR, signal words, sounds, actions, games, expressing how they feel, introducing themselves correctly, and telling the teacher how old they are

Level 2: Beginner, ages 5-12 at this level

Level 2 students grow so much! You’ll see significant improvement from the beginning to the end of level 2. Students begin by learning the letters of the alphabet and sounds. They go through a series of units to explore: people, places, foods, emotions, etc. throughout level 2.

Level 3: Lower level, ages 6-12 at this level

Students begin to learn some basic grammar, continue with phonics skills, learn more about science, and extend on topics introduced in level 2. Students at level 3 are most often able to make small talk, respond in complete sentences, and make connections to their own learning.

Trial Classes: What Level(s) Should I expect?

Trial: abilities range, ages 4-12 at this level

Trial classes can be taught from any of the following levels, based on your student’s ability: level 2 beginner, level 2 advanced, level 3, level 4, level 5, level 6.

Trial classes are unique! Essentially, trial classes are classes prospective VIPKID students take (typically up to 3) to determine if they’d like to become an official VIPKID student. Parents sign their interested students up for a trial class with a trial class teacher. If the student enjoys the experience, the student will sign up for VIPKID permanently. You’ll receive an incentive for converting the new student!

Most often, students taking trial classes are between level 2-3. Even though I am not certified to teach beyond level 3, I can still be booked by a student at level 4, 5, or 6! If you have your trial class certification, you’re technically certified to teach all these levels in a trial course.

Which props do I use most often?

  1. Dry erase board and marker
  2. Dino doll
  3. Meg and Mike props
  4. Happy ball/happy face sign
  5. Fruit face reward
  6. Flashcards (cat, dog, bird, star, fish, apple, milk)

VIPKID Prop Essentials

Every child is different! Not one student you teach will be the same. It’s good to have some variety in your VIPKID prop kit! But not too much so that it’s a huge inconvenience to carry around while traveling. Above are all the items I fit nice and snuggly inside of my travel basket.

Most of everything, I got from the Dollar Tree or printed out off free VIPKID from it’s vast collection of resources. Some items I just had lying around the house or in my actual teacher classroom in my school. But bottom line: don’t spend tons of money on things for your VIPKID classroom.

The most expensive item I purchased were the headphones. But good news is you can write the purchase off on your taxes as a business expense. Save the receipts for everything you buy!

What’s in your classroom?

How does my prop list compare to yours? What do we have in common? Is there something you have that I should absolutely add to my list?

Please share your thoughts below!

I’m curious to see what your prop list looks like! If you’ve got a photo to show the world what your prop collection looks like, tag #teachonclimbon in your post! I would love to see your own set up!


About Taylor Stogsdill

Hi! I'm Teacher Taylor. I teach, travel, and climb. I live for adventure, new experiences, and take pleasure in meeting new people! I share my experiences with anyone who is interested and curious. Teach On. Travel On. Climb On.

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