About Me

I’m originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I grew up playing Monopoly, Rummy, and extremely focused on my studies and playing outside. Now, my hobbies are: climbing, hiking, and road biking! Following my high school graduation from Avon High School, I studied elementary education and special education at Butler University – a private college located in Indianapolis.

My Journey as A Teacher

Since I received my Bachelor’s degree, I’ve been a fifth grade teacher, Emotional Disturbance Intervention Specialist, and am currently an ESL teacher. Alongside teaching, climbing is my passion. I cannot give up either of these things!

Teaching Consultant

More recently, I’ve taken on the role as an education consultant. I’ve been very happy to serve both students and my fellow educators!

It’s important to provide every student with the tools, resources, and environment they need to be successful. It’s been monumentally trying as an educator to fulfill this task, as there have been so many changes and challenges none of us could have foreseen.

This is where I come in: making YOUR job as an educator easier so YOU can focus on what’s important: OUR STUDENTS.

Please click here for more details on how I can support you: a hard-working teacher who deserves to have all his/her needs met just as much as our students do!

Email: taylor@teachonclimbon.com.
Instagram: @teachonclimbon.

  • Lesson plans
  • Letters of Recommendation/Reference Letters
  • Observation of and feedback for your teaching (remote)
  • Resume writing
  • Curriculum maps
  • Community-building activities
  • Social-emotional learning activities and lessons
  • Reading interventions
  • ESL resources

Working remotely! Teach on, climb on.

What is the remote work?

I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher who teaches students living in China how to speak English. I teach through a platform called VIPKID, so no lesson planning is required as the curriculum is already made up for you!

How often do I have to work?

That’s the best part about my job and why I love it so much! You work whenever, wherever you want! There is no penalty for not fulfilling a certain amount of classes/week or anything.

Where do I sign up or learn more?

Click here to sign up!

Click here to learn more!

If you use my referral code – TAYLO0232 – I’d appreciate it and gladly walk you through each step of the applying, hiring, and teaching process!

My site contains affiliate links and is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you.

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