Coffee Shop Reviews

Calling all Coffee Lovers!

Teacher Taylor Travels is just as dedicated to coffee as she is to climbing and traveling! I had a discussion the other day about all that traveling and climbing entails. It was suggested that coffee and food are aspects of each activity. After giving it much thought, I happen to agree. We have to eat, right? But, more importantly, we have to have that heavenly sip of coffee bright and early in the mornings or our days just won’t feel right!

Coffee is a staple. Without it, I am not my usual chipper and positive self. For everyone’s sake that has to interact with me, especially in the mornings, coffee is a necessity. Each time we find ourselves in a new place or city, we like to check out the local culture. One of the coolest ways I’ve found to immerse myself into the community is to find a coffee shop with positive vibes, great-tasting coffee, and an feeling of culture and individuality.

I would like to share with my fellow coffee lovers the coffee shops I have found worth mentioning and sharing! Coffee shops are just chill places to be, and they almost always offer free wifi. Fellow travelers, who doesn’t love free stable wifi?! Below are some coffee shops followed by where you’ll find them. Click on the links to read more about the shops in depth to see if it is a place you’d like to check out next time you roll into the area!

(Reviews of coffee places under construction. Much appreciative of your patience! Comment below to share your favorite coffee place!)

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