RRG Climbing 411

Me, Taylor Stogsdill, stretching to a jug!

Welcome to the amazingly awesome climbing community! Being a member of the climbing community is like having one big family who shares the same interests: climbing hard, having a grand time, and spending time outdoors with chill company. Some basic beta for being a member of the climbing community: share the crag, respect people, if your crag dog needs a leash bring one and use it, clean up after yourself, be safe, and have a splendid time!

First sport climbing trip outdoors? Here’s what you’ll need to bring to the crag…

  • Rope
  • Quick draws
  • Harness
  • Shoes
  • Chalk and chalk bag
  • Stick clip (CLUTCH!)
  • Cleaning gear
  • Water
  • Crag snacks
  • Guide book or access to Mountain Project
  • Preferred: at least one experienced outdoor climber to walk you through stuff

Rock Climbing Lingo and Phrases

  • Send – you finished the route without falling or taking
  • Flash – you got to the top of the route on your very first go without taking or falling
  • Onsight – you got to the top of the route on your very first go without any beta, falling, or taking
  • Beta – tips on how to climb a route or what to do on the route
  • Crag – climbing wall you are climbing at
  • “In straight” – your climber has placed a draw into a draw hanging on the wall and is in direct, meaning that quick draw is keeping them on the wall directly so you can re-situate and they can get rid of the pump
  • Pump – your forearms are fatigued from climbing and you can feel the blood pumping and see your vessels sticking out of your arms
  • Take – the climber wants the belayer to take in/bring in all slack
  • Slack – the climber receives some extra rope to pull on or use from the belayer; the belayer gives slack to the climber as he/she climbs and clips
  • “Clipping” – the climber needs a little extra slack to make the clip into the quick draw; often times, you’ll hear the climber say, “clipping,” as he/she is about to make the clip and is requesting slack
  • “Catch” – the belayer catches the climber, meaning the belayer belays the climber; often times, you’ll hear the climber say, “Hey, can you give me a catch?”

Beta for Sleeping Arrangements at the Red

  • Miguel’s Pizza, 1890 Natural Bridge Rd, Slade, KY 40376
    Car camping, tent camping, gear shop, pizza shop, shelters to cook in, and the heart and soul of the rock climbing community. Expect impressive crowds
  • Lago Linda’s, 950 Blacks Ridge Rd, Beattyville, KY 41311
    Quieter camping space than Miguel’s with clean bathrooms, picnic tables, and tent and car camping options
  • Land of the Arches Campground, 5150 KY-715, Campton, KY 41301
    Cabin rentals, tent camping, car camping, showers, wifi, cool hang out spot for campers

You might fall, and it’s okay!

First thing you should do: always double check your knot and your partner BEFORE getting on the wall.

Second thing you should do: relax!

Third thing you should do: let out your try-hard grunt!

Falling outside is such a thrill – the more you do it, the more you’ll get used to it! Don’t worry. BE SAFE. Double check your knot BEFORE you get on the wall. Double check your belayer BEFORE you get on the wall. Don’t skip the safety checks, and you’ll be just fine.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NXndwPKlh8

I’m Hungry! Where Do I EAT?

  • Red River Rockhouse, Slade
    best burgers, burritos, and tacos in the Red. Offer wine and beer. Expect a long wait! Vegetarian options!
  • Miguel’s Pizza, Slade
    Pizza, bowls, salads, etc. Grab Ale8 to go with your meal! Definitely expect a long wait, especially on nice weekends at the Red. Vegetarian options!
  • Miguel’s Pizza, Slade
    Making your own food and just need a flat surface to transform into your personal kitchen? Do it at Miguel’s 🙂
  • Los Two Brothers, Beattyville
    Craving Mexican food? Make a short trip to the small town of Beattyville and eat at Los Two Brothers off Main Street. It’s cheap, good, and the fajitas are sizzlin’. Vegetarian options!
  • Red River Smokehouse, Slade
    It’s okay barbecue… no vegetarian options. Food isn’t anything special, but if you want some barbecue, this is awfully close to some world class climbing!
  • Sky Bridge Station, Pine Ridge
    Wanna play some darts with your pals? Lookin’ for a delicious hotdog and refreshing beer? How about some quesadillas? Check it out. Highly recommended. Meat eaters and veggie eaters welcome!

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