VIPKID: Getting Started and App Breakdown

Firstly, welcome to VIPKID: one of the most successful and supportive online teaching programs ever to be developed! You are in for a real treat. My name is Teacher Taylor. I’ve been with VIPKID for a short while, but plan to continue this amazing adventure for many years to come! I started with VIPKID in […]

Visiting Mexico as a US Citizen? Things You Should Know

I’m so stoked for you to visit Mexico! Mexico is pretty rad – at least after you cross the border and get through the border town! If you’re visiting Mexico as a US citizen, there are some things you should know about crossing the border, documentation you need, and general travel advice. Read on to […]

5 Climbing Destinations Near Chattanooga, TN

The southeast has so many options for climbers. Let’s look at what’s near a popular, hip city called Chattanooga! Since there is a lot of climbing to choose from in the southeastern US, I figured I’d share 5 climbing areas nearest Chattanooga, TN that you might find interesting. This post lists 5 of the best […]

Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

How to make the most out of your one day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park! Hello readers and fellow travelers! If you’re planning a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, I’ve got some recommendations on what to do! We were able to explore the park in one full day, and it was a very […]

One Day Visit in Arches National Park

I was overcome and frankly in disbelief that such a place like Arches National Park could exist! My one day visit to Arches National Park blew me away with its overwhelmingly immaculate rock features, arches, windows, and trails; it was unlike any other place I’ve seen in the United States. Arches National Park was easy […]

One Day Visits to National Parks

Click here to learn more about what you should do and see in the national park you are about to visit. All of these national parks on this page are places Teacher Taylor has explored and is making suggestions on what to do based on experience and research!