How to make your VIPKID Schedule

How many hours do I have to work?

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Good news! You work as many hours as you want! There is nothing in your contract that says you must teach a certain amount of classes in a given time period. Teach as little – or as much – are you’re available.

Here’s a great example: I am on vacation for a full 22 days and am not planning on working at all while traveling. You don’t need to put in a request to have this time off. All you need to do is to NOT open up any teaching slots while you’re away.

As an independent contractor/enterprise, TEACHER shall be solely responsible for determining how to operate his/her business and how to teach classes arranged through the VIPKID Platform. VIPKID shall have no right to, and shall not, control the manner or prescribe the method TEACHER uses to teach classes.  Instead, TEACHER shall be solely responsible for determining the most effective manner to perform the services relating to each class.  The parties acknowledge and agree that any provisions of this Agreement reserving certain authority in VIPKID have been inserted solely to achieve compliance with federal, state, or local laws, rules, and interpretations thereof.

VIPKID Contract, 2019

What does the platform look like?

Bookings Tab Preview

Above is a screenshot of what the ‘Bookings” tab looks like. On this tab, you will be able to do many things:

  1. View upcoming classes
  2. Enter classrooms
  3. Open available slots
  4. Close available slots

This is the best place to edit your availability for the upcoming weeks. You can do many weeks in advance, which is nice! But make sure the slots you open are slots you can actually work. Of course, you can close them, but know that you’ll risk getting booked.

How do I schedule the classes I want to teach?

Keep in mind that you can’t request specific students or levels. The booking is all up to the parents. That’s why it is absolutely crucial for you to knock each class out of the park! Give it your all and leave a positive impression.

Firstly, you must be on your ‘Bookings” tab.

Then, you HAVE to unlock this so that it can be in edit mode. You can find the ‘Unlock’ button in the top right hand corner. See the screenshot below for a visual.

Got that? Okay, great! You’re almost done!

Next, you have to actually open some slots. Remember, don’t open your slots unless you’re sure you can teach the class. Might also want to note that you can always close the slot you opened, but ONLY if you haven’t been booked yet. Just good to get into the habit of if it’s open, you should keep it open.

Classes are short: they’re 25 minutes long. But still, you’ve got to be there. You’ll want a few minutes to get yourself prepped and to ensure that your internet connection is stable.

Some advice: if you have a 7:00 AM class, plan on being at your computer by no later than 6:50 AM just to make sure you’re good to go, especially in the beginning.

What is “short notice”?

Ah, fabulous question, my friend! Short notice is another way you can make some extra cash. So, for instance, if you allow the short notice flag on any availability you open, this means that parents can book a class with you anytime up to the last couple of hours before the class begins.

You must be on your toes and pretty much ready to teach that class. Word of advice: don’t book with short notice availability if you won’t absolutely be available. Unlike your other open slots, these can get booked within an hour prior to the class start time. Other open slots, however, will not get booked if it is within 24 hours.

Here’s an example on a short notice booking: I have a slot open for Wednesday at 6:00 AM and it’s short notice. I could get that booked by a parent by 5:00 AM, which is just one hour before the scheduled time. Because it is short notice, I’ll also receive a $2 incentive!

Here’s an example on an open slot booking (no short notice): I have a slot open for Wednesday at 6:00 AM. It’s now Tuesday at 6:00 AM. I’m NOT going to get that slot booked.

If a Student reserves a class with TEACHER on a day and time that TEACHER chooses to be available to teach classes for Students, TEACHER will be deemed to have “accepted” the class, and shall be contractually obligated to complete the class in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and the specific parameters of the class specified by the Student.

However, TEACHER retains the option to cancel classes subject to and in accordance with VIPKID’s then-current cancellation and no-show policy.  TEACHER acknowledges and agrees that: (i) exceeding the maximum number of cancellations and/or no-shows, as set forth in VIPKID’s then-current cancellation and no-show policy, shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement; and (ii) cancelling a class with less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice, or otherwise failing to appear for a class without having cancelled the class, may subject TEACHER to liquidated damages.

VIPKID Contract, 2019

How do I edit availability on my phone?

Oh, that’s easy! You may want to note that you aren’t able to book out as far in advance as you can at your computer. In the mobile app, you can book up to three weeks out.

This is what it looks like BEFORE you unlock to edit.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the mobile VIPKID app.
  2. Go to ‘Time Slots’ located at the bottom of the app. It’s the button to the right of the ‘Home’ button.
  3. Find the unlock icon at the top right hand corner. Press it. If it’s not unlocked, you may NOT edit your availability.
  4. Once you’ve pressed the ‘Unlock’ icon, you may begin editing.
  5. You may also open the slots with the 24 hour notice. Just click on the 24H icon as well!
  6. Don’t forget to press that ‘Lock’ icon in the top right hand corner once you’ve finished editing.

I like looking at my time slots on my mobile device, but I wouldn’t recommend adding tons of availability on your phone. Visually, it’s easier when you’re on your PC/laptop as you open slots for availability. But, you do you!

Uhm. What do I wear?

According to the contract, no uniform is not required. Your appearance must be professional, though. Besides, you want to look presentable and professional for your clientele anyway, especially if you want to bring in some steady income! Appearance plays a role into future bookings with students.

“TEACHER shall not be required to wear a uniform or other clothing of any type bearing VIPKID’s name or logo. TEACHER is free to wear any apparel or clothing of TEACHER’s choosing, including apparel or clothing advertising TEACHER’s business and services, when teaching classes arranged through the VIPKID Platform, so long as TEACHER maintains a professional appearance consistent with the standards generally adhered to in the profession.

VIPKID Contract, 2019

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