Red River Gorge (RRG): Where Can I Climb in the Rain?

I’m compiling a list of crags that are still dry during rain and after rain. I know it’s hard to rely on the guidebooks at times. Even with an umbrella that says the crag is dry, not all routes are shielded from the rain. Some walls are only dry if there has been a light drizzle. Look at the list to find out where climbers can go to stay dry and send. Also, feel free to leave a comment to share which crags you’ve been to that stay dry!

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No need to sing the Rain, Rain, Go Away song! Down at the Red, there are still options for eager climbers. But, let me just say, has anyone else noticed that it really only appears to rain on the weekends than during the week? What’s up with that? Replace the Rain, Rain, Go Away song with this:

“I’m climbin’ in the rain Just climbin’ in the rain
What a glorious feeling

  • Miller Fork, Infirmary
    always dry, despite a downpour!
  • PMRP, Motherload
    Bear’s Den and Warm up wall are nice and dry. Head over to the unload for more dry routes, but be prepared to try hard! 8-Ball at GMC wall can be a little damp at the bottom…
  • PMRP, Bob Marley
    you’ll be fine in a light drizzle, but expect some areas to remain condensed. let the pockets get dried out before going… if you are doing a late start and wind is drying out the pockets on some of the 5.12’s Bob Marley should be fine after rain. Some pockets will be damp if you don’t let the condensation air out before jumping on routes!
  • PMRP, Drive By
  • While it is also under the “NOT” category, you might be lucky to get some decent climbing in while it is raining. After a long downpour and overnight rainfall is when I would not recommend this to be a send spot

Where NOT to go…

  • PMRP, Drive By
    after raining all night, we tried to go to Drive by since it wasn’t raining… most of the routes were damp, especially at the top. The 2 5.11’s towards the end before the overhung area were decently dry.

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